A range of services adapted for SMEs.

OpenField focuses on supporting businesses and their growth. Understanding and supporting management and operational teams requires a specific positioning, which is ours.

The range of our services allows us to combine different actions or to focus on a specific point. The actions we take are aligned with our clients’ needs as well as their capacity to evolve.

Different realities that all requires a specific support.

A family business that must evolve

Passing on, perpetuating, evolving but keeping the best of the know-how. The change of vision from one generation to the next is often a human, sometimes personal, and economic challenge that puts the sustainability of an activity at stake.

Development at the expense of organisation

When the focus for years has been on developing the company around its business and sales, without necessarily thinking about structuring the organisation and the Information System. And then, that moment when growth requires a structure that is better adapted to last.

Company, Group or ecosystem ?

Where there is growth but the markets involved require different business policies and organisational structures. Should decisions be made on the basis of accounting and financial criteria, or on other criteria and basing risk-taking on a three or five year development vision?

And your own situation …

How can you characterise your situation in terms of immediate risks, willingness to develop, capacity to change?

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