Performance & Information Systems

If you think your business is in trouble, before it gets worse, you should use this service.

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The performance services

Initial assessment

We carry out a diagnosis of your IS and production processes/span>


Our consultants will analyse business processes and describe them in a format that everyone can use. It then becomes easier for the management of our clients to structure progressive improvement paths. The end result helps to clarify the organisation and its needs and, as a result, decisions are faster and more informed.


  • How to develop the company, if we do not know how it works?
  • What decision to make when everything is blurry?
  • Developing your IT infrastructure, but without knowing the real needs?


  • Rebuild from ground up is fine. But how to evolve afterwards?
  • How to identify and then eliminate unnecessary actions?
  • What are the steps for my IT to really serve and support my business?


  • How to avoid to invest in a chaotic way?
  • What if your employees spent less time looking for self-made solutions?

CBusiness Process Mapping

Executive Direction Assistance (AMO)

IT Masterplan

Project management

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