Information & Organisation Security

If you have doubts about having all your doors locked, this service is for you.

Security, Organisation, Information system

Security services

Diagnosis of security needs

Depending on the activity, the organisation and the business challenges, we draw up an inventory.


We prioritise the actions to be taken within the framework of the methodologies relevant to the level of security chosen by our clients.

Prevention sécurité


  • How do I know the reliability of my IT system?How do I measure the risks for my business?
  • What actions to take and for what budget to avoid the worst?


  • Where can the risks come from?What rules to adopt and how to enforce them?
  • How to arm and mobilize the vigilance of everyone in my company?


  • What actions should be taken following a security incident?
  • Communication plan … to whom, with what and why?
  • How to organize a plan B to resume activities and limit losses?

Systems security

Organisation Security and ISO 27001

Risk analysis ans avoidance

Compliance and GDPR

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