If you see your business in trouble, before the worst happens, this service is recommended.

Vision, Organisation, Information System

The competitiveness services

Business strategy assessment

We review all the financial and organizational elements that influence your activities.


We support entrepreneurs and business leaders to understand the changes and adapt their strategy and organization to meet these multiple challenges.


We’ll draw a clear line so that the effort of the whole organisation goes in the same direction and that both your employees and your customers can benefit from it.


Together, we set the goals to be achieved. Then, we choose the best way to support you according to the available resources and the defined agenda.


Each stage of evolution and valuation will be carefully monitored.


  • Is it important for a manager to have a business vision?
    Is it possible to always move forward opportunistically?
    Should financial reporting take operational and IT risks into account?


  • How to take wisely hard decisions without pressure?
  • What documentation is needed to properly transfer and communicate decisions?
  • How to organize decision-making, and relays in the absence of management?


  • How to invest well to improve competitiveness?
  • How to detect an innovation in my company?
  • How do I put in place market monitoring to benefit my information system?

Business strategy assessment

Financial strategy and development

Innovation and valorisation

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