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Governance and Information System

Developing a digital marketing department

The customer

A “French family business” created at the early 20th century, which manufactures and markets a wide range of furniture.
This group is located in France, Spain, England, Belgium and in the framework of partnerships all over the world.

The request

Successfully deploy a marketing platform to the digital marketing teams of the group’s two brands. The teams are initially composed of a majority of novice webmasters. Productivity was reduced because no production process had been stabilised and no methodology was used. Furthermore, the technical service provider, who was unfamiliar with the technology, perverted the proper functioning of this customer experience platform by creating development “overlays”. Finally, the client started the project with a very strong brand/product vision due to its industrial culture, whereas a customer-centric orientation, based on the voice of the customer, is more common today.

The solution

The solution provided to the client, over 6 years, is naturally progressive and centred on the client’s activity, its financial and operational objectives but also the skills present to achieve its ambitions. In order to develop the marketing culture of the operational teams, individualised and team-based coaching has enabled the development of know-how, as the client learns, through the implementation of increasingly ambitious projects.
For the organisation, we proposed and then implemented a production based on an in situ observation of professional preferences. We then adapted the necessary processes (BPM).

The complete definition of the positions was established on the basis of the expertise acquired on the free choice of projects chosen by the webmasters (Management by appetence).
The workflow, in parallel, was fed by a methodology adapted to the management of highly ambitious digital projects.
The coaching of operational managers in the integration of methodologies structuring the ideation, creation, production and analytical monitoring workflows is the key to these developments.

The outcome

Our cooperation started in 2017. Above all, he is a partner with whom you can exchange ideas to grow a strategic vision and a marketing organisation. His expertise in digital marketing and resource management is a real goldmine for the modern marketer.
Group Digital Director

Governance & Management

Dealing with the impacts of rapid growth

The customer

A Luxembourg SME that has been active since the early of 2012, started with 4 people, and is now 300 employees strong.

The request

The first demand was to structure all the activities of the company, without changing the very human nature of staff relations. The demands have evolved over time as practices have changed as a result of cultural change in management.


Always very focused on the activities and the care given to the services, it was necessary to learn to free up time to develop in a different way is an additional burden in an already very busy daily life.


The agility with which this client took into account the results of the discussions and analyses carried out enabled it to transform itself several times in a few months to find the best possible organisation. This adaptation would have been even more difficult without the confidence of the employees in their management, itself the result of numerous signs of recognition towards each employee.

The solution

In just over a year, many changes have been made to the organisation and management of the business lines, the drafting of internal procedures and the implementation of internal quality monitoring.

The outcome

We are delighted to be working with OpenField. Their professionalism and management skills are their greatest asset. Thanks to this, we have been able to take a step forward in the strategic development of our group.
CEO and majority shareholder

Security & IS

Evolving an IT security policy

the customer

This European company is a reliable and recognised partner in the European markets for the construction of overhead lines and mobile phone masts.
The group is active in Germany, Luxembourg and France.

The request

Ensure that the security of activities is taken into account, so that digital security is not just a matter for the IT department, but is taken into account in governance by the management and becomes everyone’s business.

The solution

This client realised the importance of their data when the GDPR came into force, which is when the IT teams and management took a closer look at the flow of information and its protection.

With this first phase of analysis, the company was made aware of security and they closely monitored their exchanges and documents.

A new policy was established. As time went on, they decided to go through a security audit which gave them a more complete and detailed mapping of our internal and external protection.

The outcome

After the audit, we started to think about how to optimise our security. At the beginning, it was difficult to get all employees on board with the new security policy.

It required a lot of effort from the management to make users aware of the new prerogatives and to pay more attention to e-mail and document exchange and password management. Today, we produce regular reports on our security.

A security assessment is carried out at the end of each month during a meeting. Areas for improvement are then put in place.

IT Manager Luxembourg

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